Current Needs @ Philips

Help us to solve a challenge from one of our latest projects!

At Philips we recognize that new solutions to some of our greatest challenges can come from anywhere. On this page you can find briefs outlining specific technologies we are seeking for some of our current development projects. If you have a solution that fits the requirements, we want to hear from you!

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Devices or technologies that warn birds of window surfaces to prevent species loss

The aim is to find solutions that prevent bird strike without compromising clarity and appearance of clear glass in architecture. More specifically, we’re looking for solutions that use light (birds are tetrachromats... to responsively warn migrating birds and birds going about their daily business to not fly into the reflections they see on the glass, or the inviting spaces they see through the glass, that may be killing up to10% of the bird population in the US yearly.

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Lighting Connectivity & smart control: new use cases for Hue

We would like to hear your ideas for new “use cases” for Philips Hue, wireless control of lighting

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