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Creating the future of Healthcare and Saving Lives

At Philips Healthcare, we are dedicated to creating the future of health care and saving lives. We develop innovative solutions across the continuum of care in partnership with clinicians and our customers to improve patient outcomes, provide better value and expand access to care. Philips is a world leader in cardiology, and with a strong presence in cardio-pulmonary care, oncology and mammography, we are well positioned to help clinicians diagnose, treat and manage today’s most prevalent diseases such as congestive heart failure, breast cancer and other cancers, respiratory and other coronary artery diseases as quickly, effectively and efficiently as possible. Our focus is on understanding the continuum of care from hospital to home – choosing to participate in the areas where we can add significant value.

In creating the future of health care, we focus on the unmet needs of the healthcare provider, the patient, and his or her family, in order to deliver innovations that matter to you. The most urgent ones to address across the globe include:

Solution options that we actively explore include…

We always remember that there is a patient connected to everything we do – we hope you share our passion and look forward to your ideas.